Okay, here I go…

This is the week that I start my challenge. This is the week that I attempt to pretzel my body with itself in some sort of search for a deeper reason for yoga (other than a super- fit physique and that oh-so-cute yoga gear).

I’ve been told time and time again, by my yoga friends, about the benefits of yoga and how it changes you, not only in body but also in mind. I’ve been told about how it starts off being just good exercise, but then starts to slowly seep into your veins and take over, pushing your limits and your emotions at every practice. The physical practice becomes a mental one and body and mind really start to work together (or fight with each other…we’ll see). I’m totally up for that!

I’m also interested to see the social dynamics and politics in the yoga world…come on… it has got to be interesting putting a whole bunch of (very fit and near-perfectly toned) self-motivated, self-challenged people into a room to sweat together and push their own boundaries, hmmm?

The added challenge this creates in my life, is balancing this little journey of discovery with my current spinning addiction. Quite a contradiction in terms of exercise choices, but hey, that’s how I roll 😉

I’ve just got the sniffles and am feeling a bit weak and sorry for myself right now, though, so the energy levels for this challenge are a little low, but bring it, Ekam, I’m ready for you!


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