The Foundation

I sucked it up and went to my second beginners class last night to learn about standing postures in Ashtanga yoga. These are seen as “foundation” postures and teach flexibility, strength, alignment, to name a few benefits.

I’m so glad I did because I walked out of there feeling so much better than went I walked in and definitely felt far more…erm…not enlightened, but en…lengthened? Who needs physio when there’s yoga?

It turns out that these long limbs of mine like to be stretched and pulled in directions I didn’t think they would like to go. It also turns out that I have pretty short hamstrings, my love-handles literally get in the way, and my multi-task concentration is not on top form. Trying to focus on where each body part is supposed to go, as well as engaging the bandhas, breathing correctly, tightening the quads, stabilising the feet and hands…that’s a lot for one little ol’ me to try to do at once.

No wonder this type of yoga attracts us A-type personalities – it’s a never-ending challenge!

Needless to say, I walked out of Ekam’s studio last night feeling more alive than I have felt all week and woke up this morning looking for my mat.

Did I just catch Ashtanga Fever? I’ve heard it’s quite bad.



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