Self-practice vs Led

I’ve always wondered what the big deal is about self-practice vs led yoga classes. What’s the real difference? It’s the same thing, just in a different location and wihtout adjustments and leading, surely?

I thought I’d wait until I’ve been through all the postures in my beginners course before trying Mysore-style classes – mainly because I’m not too sure what I’m doing, even with a cheat-sheet, so still need the guidance, moving from one posture to the next.

I’ve been finding myself lately wanting to just roll down my mat and practice some yoga. Randomly. When things get too much for me my mind thinks of the mat first, before the whisky 😉 So on the weekend, I gave a little self-practice a go.

It did not go down so well.

I was planning on just doing some sun salutations and standing postures, but ended up being too bored to have a proper practice. I ended up speeding up through the postures and lacked the focus that I have at the studio (and I thought it was bad there!)

There is definitely something to be said about the benefits of a yoga class. You somehow feel the energy of those around you and it keeps you going. You also don’t want to be the fool at the front that keeps falling over, so I suppose that’s where the added effort and focus comes into play. Although yoga is something that you can do on your own, in your own space and time, I think I still need to feed off the others in a class to actually do things properly!

Tomorrow I’m going spinning. Sweating like crazy on a spinning bike for 45 minutes is far easier than doing some sun salutations, that’s for sure.

Then I’m going to tackle this little beast again…at the studio…


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