Time to fix the dog?

Hmmm…last night’s yoga class was slightly short of a disaster. I did a Level 1 class at the studio, which is basically sun salutations, standing postures and finishing sequence.

I discovered, in the first sun salutation, that I all of a sudden no longer knew how to do downward-facing dog. Bizarre. And annoying. It threw me for the rest of the practice and the poor instructor last night, Wepener, had his hands full with me – bless his gentle, patient soul!

So why exactly did I all of a sudden have an issue with this posture? I’m going to figure that out some more with EkamYogini this evening, but I’m pretty sure that my body was just tired. Tired and stressed. It’s hard work trying to engage the core muscles all the time and I ended up putting far too much weight into my arms. My core doesn’t work so well at the best of times, but this was just ridiculous and what is supposed to be a body-energising and mind-calming posture was…well…not.

I even got the very last ‘posture’ wrong. I don’t know how you manage that because it looks like this:

I guess that was one of those ‘off’ days I keep hearing about. Apparently it’s just the way it goes – some days are better than others and there’s always something new that you struggle with.


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