Last night’s practice was part of the beginner’s course at Ekam and focused on core work and jump-backs and jump-throughs. Holy crap! I didn’t think that I really had much of a core, but last night I definitely felt it!

The thing with Ashtanga yoga is that there is always something to work on, but I did not realise how much the core muscles need to work in every posture until it was pointed out to us in last night’s class. These beginners “workshops” are so useful for really focusing on areas that you may not particularly focus on in a normal class.

This stuff is seriously difficult and it is amazing what a difference it makes when the correct core muscles are engaging in a posture – more strength and somehow, more flexibility – the real “core” of Ashtanga!

Fortunately, my little bit of work is paying off and I am starting to feel more comfortable in certain postures and starting to really feel the benefits. When I started this course, I couldn’t even touch my toes and I am seeing my flexibility slowly increase as the weeks go by.

“It will come”, the instructors tell me…and I am starting to believe it.


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