Breathe in deep

One of the fundamentals of yoga is vinyasa, or more simply, the flow of movement and breath. For each movement, there is a breath. In Ashtanga, that breath is called Ujjayi breathing and is deep, steady and even.

This vinyasa is said to aid internal cleansing by improving blood circulation and removing toxins. Not only does it do this, but more importantly, the deep and steady breathing calms you down!

Think of a time when you have been extremely angry/frustrated/annoyed/stressed and you take a second to just take in one deep breath…things felt a bit calmer after that, didn’t they? Now imagine that calmness working its’ way through your body for 1,5 or 2 hours at a time. Got it?

Why did nobody tell me about this before? It is so simple and so effective – JUST the breathing part of yoga, and there is so much more to it than breathing and vinyasa.

I had an excellent class tonight in terms of breathing and bringing myself some sanity. It also helps when the class is very relaxed and the instructor calm and gentle. It’s very powerful.

Just a couple hiccups along this sweet little path of serenity…those being backbends and headstands.They frustrate me. Mainly because I can’t do them. At all. I’m putting it in my 3-5 year plan and they are NOT on my current friend list. Screw them!

Okay okay….breathe, just breathe…


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