Detachment – friend or foe?

The concept of detachment is quite difficult to grasp at first, but this is my first attempt at trying to understand what this is all about.

One of the outcomes of my yoga practice that I have discovered is a welcomed sense of calm after a good practice, no matter how stressed and distracted I was going into the class. I think that there are many reasons for this, but one of them I’m sure is a certain level of ‘detachment’ from the baggage that I take into my practice.

We all have a million things to think about and worry about at any given moment and yoga tends to help us to remove ourselves from those thoughts and focus internally. When we allow external factors to provide us with happiness and security, we start to neglect the fact that these qualities exist within ourselves already, we just need to welcome and accept them.

Yoga for all seasons‘ described detachment as ‘a state where a person withdraws from external experience, the consciousness becomes still and observant like a detached witness, it is the state of being unbiased.’ It can sometimes be misunderstood as a sense of indifference or an ignorance in the form of removal from the ‘real world’. What do you think?

After my first ever full primary series class, I was feeling a bit defeated. I had a good class, but the asanas that are more advanced that I had not seen before really knocked my ego (ego is a topic for a future blog post I’m sure, but I won’t go into that right now). I was pissed off.

@ekamyogini then said this to me that I will end my post with:

‘you guys are awesome and your practice is beautiful no matter how you feel about it at the end. work that is done without attachment is a divine gift’


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