Yes well, meh!

Ha! So you can tell from the nothingness between my last post and now that I had another break-up with yoga for a bit. It seems like I have a very up and down relationship with this silly yoga thing. I keep on going back, though.

I suppose it’s like a virus that lies dormant in my blood for a while and then pops up and takes over a bit. A good virus, though.

As I get older (meh!) and wiser, I have started to pay more attention to what I want to do instead of what supposedly should be doing. I seek more activities that suit my personality, not grate it. I now do a yoga class every now and then, of whichever type I want to, instead of being suffocated by the discipline of Ashtanga.

Don’t get me wrong, I loved my Ashtanga practice and classes and I still do, but I’ve learned that I get more out of approaching yoga more leniently and gently than restricting my ‘freedom’ with Ashtanga.

There’s a big lesson here, actually. To be honest, my relationship with yoga has actually taught me a lot about myself that I kind of knew was there, but didn’t really pay attention to. It has taught me patience, kindness and respect for myself and others.

My goal with this blog was to share my Ashtanga journey and I have, it now just takes a different turn…


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