The art of ‘mild torture’

This evening marked my first Hatha yoga class. My friend and yoga teacher, Clare, assured me that it is a ‘lovely, slow, gentle form of yoga’ and ‘I’ll really enjoy it’.


In my quest to explore the world outside of Ashtanga, my eyes are opened to a whole lot of other ‘styles of yoga’ (from hereon in referred to as ‘mild torture’).

She was quite correct in that it was a lot slower and gentler. She refrained from mentioning that each posture is held for what seems like an eternity and makes you feel like you are made of inflexible heavy metal. Galoomphing in and out of postures, holding each one while trying to stop my strained and shaky muscles from seizing, it was far from lovely.

On the other hand, my headstand is progressing nicely. If you’ve been following my blog you’ll know that this is an almost impossible feat for me. Back-bends are still nowhere.

The problem with this stupid yoga thing is, that no matter what ‘mild torture’ you choose and how revolting it is to make it through the class, you feel so damn good afterwards. I will make it my mission to find a ‘mild torture’ that is pleasant, elegant, flowing and peaceful (like all the yoga images you find that make you believe that yoga is relaxing) and still leaves me with the same feeling afterwards.

Vive La Revolution!



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